Day 137 Chato Stewart Weight-Loss vs Mental Health – Im Blogging for Mental health

Day 137: It has been 15 days since I last posted anything about my “diet”…  If you have been following my facebook page then you will understand that all my free time is going to drawing the daily Mental Health Heroes.  Today is a special day… It’s the American Psychological Association blog party.  And I’m blogging for Mental health.  I have been going up and down from 343 to 348… I think I’m doing good over all and I know what I’ve done and not done to keep me here stuck in the 340’s…  I am going to remove wheat bread out of my diet… I like it come back in April and ever since I’ve struggle…falling back on comfort food.

APA_BlogDayBADGE_2012Do be part of the mental health blog party post is about 3 ideas:

1. How can you help people recognize the importance of good mental health?

2. How to overcome stigma?

3. Where to seek out professional mental health services when needed

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